Dental Crown & Dental Bridge at Plymouth MI: Which Option Is Best For You?

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  • Rejuvenate your smile confidence
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Remove bite pressure and temperature sensitivity
  • Restore chewing function
  • Prevent issues with teeth shifting.

Because our teeth impact both the appearance and function of our mouths, when one or more of them is damaged or removed, it can have a significant impact on both our confidence and health. At Select Dental Group, we know that dental crown and bridge can restore smiles to their original glory.

Often, as a dentist in Plymouth, we will rely on dental crowns and bridges to avoid complex and costly dental work, as well as tooth extraction. Case in point: When a larger filling starts to wear away, there are risks of nerve damage and a root fracture taking place. High-risk teeth require preventive treatment to save you time and money… and the tooth itself!

What Is A Crown?

Also known as a cap, a crown is made from porcelain, stainless steel, or gold. These materials are incredibly durable and generally last for 10 years or more when taken care of with a regular and diligent at-home oral hygiene routine.

Once your tooth is prepared, we’ll take a mold of it so that our laboratory professionals can create a customized dental crown that looks and functions like your natural tooth. Once created, we’ll permanently attach the dental crown in place, restoring the look and feel of your smile!

What Is A Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges fill gaps left by one or more extracted teeth with a combination of dental crowns and artificial teeth. They rejuvenate the look of your smile while evening out the chewing workload on your teeth.

Because there are a variety of dental bridge types available, we’ll discuss the option(s) that will offer your smile the most ideal results. As for how long a bridge will last, as is the case with crowns, as long as you’re taking good care of it with diligent hygiene habits, it has the potential to last 10 years or more.

Beyond Brushing And Flossing, Are There Additional Care Steps For Maintaining A Dental Crown And Bridge At Plymouth?

When caring for these dental devices, it’s important to know that the section where your crown connects with your natural tooth – most often at or beneath the gumline – requires careful cleaning. This is due to the fact that the small connecting ridge can be a hub for bacteria and plaque growth, which, if left to flourish, can mean trouble since typical radiographs aren’t able to see through a crown at catch problems. The solution? A dedicated and thorough homecare regimen that involves brushing twice and flossing once each day, along with regular checkups and cleanings at our office.

Curious about whether dental crowns and dental bridges at Plymouth, MI may be right for your smile? Get in touch with Select Dental Group. As your dentist in Plymouth, we’d be happy to help!